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Hunting tourism


The Estonian legislation states that a member of a foreign country may hunt in Estonia, if he/she has a valid hunting license and a gun license in his/her home country.
A citizen of a foreign country will be issued a hunting certificate, if applied for by the owner of the hunting region in Estonia or the inviter. Estonian Hunter's Society or hunting
societies appointed by EJS give out hunting certificates. 6.50 € will have to be paid for the certificate and 4 € for the big game shooting licence.

A foreigner can bring along his/her own gun, if he/she has a EU weapon passport issued by his/her own country's respective institution. A local hunter may lend the person a weapon for hunting as well.

Most of the members of the Estonian Hunters' Society receive foreign hunting tourists. If you do not have contacts of the member organisations, the EHS will gladly help.

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